Me and some friends skyping, because I always skype, because I miss people.

Hello, Djinous here. It’s been about a week since I last wrote, and a couple of things have happened and I know how much you all care about what I do so here comes my second installment.

I got my dog-walking job! At first I thought I hadn’t gotten it and I fell into a very cynical anger-slump, sulked around at home and cursed this cold dumb city that wouldn’t give me a job. You could accuse me of being childish (a big baby) but there’s nothing quite as disheartening as thinking you nailed an interview, feeling that you’re sure to get it then not hearing anything. ESPECIALLY when the job requires next to no skill. But I digress. I woke up on Friday morning (read: midday) to a phone call from my new boss telling me I had gotten the job and I would have my first walk the next day! I felt quite happy and hopeful which was a nice change, but it was a bittersweet day. My friend Zack and I had been sharing a bed for a whole month, and he was leaving for the West Coast, then home to New Zealand. We had brunch with all the New Zealanders plus a couple of new American friends, went home for Zack to pack and for me to watch him and I felt sad. I cried when he closed the door on his way out.

So I am now employed, which is a good start. It’s part-time hours for now but should increase to full-time within a month. It’s been going well so far, and I have four dogs I walk every day. There’s Gizmo the Shi tzu, Daisy the Miniature Schnauzer, Clancey (have you ever heard such an American name?) the Weimaraner and Ollie the French bulldog. The Shi tzu is a moody little bitch who growls at everything and everyone, the Weimaraner bit my hand and the bulldog won’t do anything I want her to do, but she is joyful and I appreciate that. I have fallen absolutely in love with Daisy the Mini-Schnauzer and I have to say I wish she was my own puppy and if I ever get a dog in this city I will be getting one like her. She has the face of an angel and the temperament of one too.

Aside from the poop cleaning, it is quite a lovely job. It’s so good being outdoors and walking for money, dogs bring joy and I’m actually learning how to utilize the public transport like a real human being, but I think it’ll be about a million times more lovely when it’s not winter. It was negative 5 degrees today and I didn’t have gloves on and I wanted to literally die. I thought I was good at coping with winter weather but I feel like no amount of layers could protect me from the bitter wind that feels a lot like needles. At least it hasn’t snowed. Yet.

I have a few friends here, but when I think about it, they are nearly all New Zealanders, except for my roommates. Going from having a lot of friends to only having about 3 is pretty unusual, and I’ve never actually thought “Hey, i should try and make friends sometime soon”, but I have started thinking about it. It’s weird to actually think about making friends. How do these things happen organically? I don’t meet many people through my job. Perhaps when I earn some real money that I can use to actually leave my house and meet people I’ll make some. Now that I’ve started thinking about it I’m scared I’ll be all nervous when I meet someone I think I like. I’m insane.

On a “culture difference” note, girls here talk about dating A LOT. Just an observation. It’s quite strange for me to listen in on. My experience at home was that girls talk about guys they are seeing/dating/fucking a lot but girls don’t actively talk about how they WANT to meet men and date men and “find someone”, but it seems to be a fairly normal topic of conversation here. I like to think I am headstrong but it does fuck with my head a bit. I have never looked for a boyfriend and I never felt I needed to- I have been in love thrice in my life already and have always felt quite lucky for that. What’s the rush right? It’ll come around again? And surely it’s nicer when it happens while you’re not looking? But listening to girls chatting non-stop about dating starts to make my brain panic. I opened an OKCupid account when I moved here because apparently it’s totally normal to internet date here (I know… what the fuck) but I am yet to reply to anyone- except one guy who I drunkenly (and very rudely, but I think I thought I was being funny) responded to, because SO OFFENDED WAS I that he was wearing a deep v-neck t shirt in his profile picture, I felt I had to tell him what I thought about it. When I type things like that I realize it’s no wonder I don’t feel like I fit in here sometimes.

Things of note:

I went and saw Mykki Blanco perform in Manhattan for 10 dollars and it was a blast. He was an amazing performer, and while his support played he stood in the crowd and roamed around as if he was just another party goer. He is a very beautiful man.

I visited Ground Zero, it’s really close to a couple of the places I walk pups. It was strange being there in real life and imagining what it would have been like when it happened.

Visiting “Enchantments” in the East Village. It’s a Withcraft/Goddess store and they sell some really cool things. There are two big cats asleep on the counter and chairs and books there, the staff were lovely and the smell is amazing. It made me want to get into it all. I don’t know much about any of that kind of thing but the candles they had were amazing.

I saw Zero Dark Thirty. It looks very “American-pride” and intense but it is really worth seeing. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

A 14 year old boy got his dick out in front of me on the subway. He was showing off for his friends and I was the only non-high schooler in our section. I felt really awkward.

I saw a man drop his iPhone down the crack between the platform and the subway. He looked so angry. I had to hide my face as I giggled.

I promise more excitement next time as I am now EMPLOYED and will be able to buy stuff and actually do things. Proud of me?

Until next time! I miss New Zealand, I miss a lot of you, Bye-bye.