I have written a couple of posts about my experience so far for my friend’s site ALWAYS SOMETIMES ANYTIME, and I thought I should post them here as well, as I would someday like this to be MY site where only MY things are written.


-Me and Zack, drinking FourLoko like idiots

Djinous here. I usually write Friday Favorites for A/S/A, but now that I’m living in Nooooo Yaaaawk, I’m going to be writing this little New York Diary for you to read. I might not always be as light-hearted and flippant as I may have been when writing about famous people who do stupid things, but it’s honest and from the heart, and it’s hard to write that way, so yeah. I don’t know what I’m asking you…be kind, or whatever. Here we go.

I’ve been in this big, scary, amazing, loud and beautiful-yet-ugly city for a month now. For the few who don’t know me who might come across this and decide to read, I came here with no particular purpose, because my life doesn’t have a particular purpose right now. That sounds pretty bad but it’s the truth – I left university before finishing, I like writing but I don’t know what I’d like to write yet, I’m not sure which skills I have that I’d like to hone or should hone…so why not travel. In fact I started to think it might be stupid not to.

Friends who have moved overseas have talked to me about being homesick, and I always naively assumed that this was mostly to do with missing your family. I’m not overly close with my family so I truly didn’t think this would be an issue. I wasn’t very prepared for the intense missing of my friends I was going to be doing once I got here, but I’m learning to deal. It’s really, really hard leaving your support systems, and I had a lot of these in Auckland. I never thought I’d use Skype as much as I’ve been doing since I got here. I also never thought I would miss Auckland as a city, but oh lordy I do. It’s weird not knowing your way around anywhere, not having a favorite place to hang out…but these things come with time, and considering just how much of a fucking baby I’ve been, I can’t help but think this is all probably the beginning of a much needed “grow up you fucking baby” phase of life.

I’m living in South Williamsburg in my friend’s apartment while she’s back in New Zealand. It’s a huge, lovely apartment and really close to everything. There’s a man who lives above me who has a (massive) pet pig. He takes him out twice a day to do his business and he grunts and pants quite alarmingly coming up and down those stairs. His (the pig’s) name is Emmett and because of the wintry temperatures, he wears a PUFFER JACKET. I nearly died when I saw it. I’m slowly beginning to get the lay of the land in Brooklyn, and it reminds me of a much bigger Wellington. It’s “suburban” and “urban” at the same time and I love it. One street with be filled with Latina girls snapping gum and yelling at dudes drinking out of paper bags and smoking weed, and you’ll take a left turn and be onto a street with a bazillion vintage shops and dudes wearing Carharrt jackets with fluoro orange beanies who all have beards and bird-like girlfriends with glasses and tattoos. Oh, Williamsburg.

It’s been a blur so far. There is SO much to do in this city it’s insane. I knew it was going to be mind boggling-ly busy compared to my home but it’s definitely still a bit of a shock. The options for food are innumerable and simultaneously amazing and disgusting. There are things to see and do every single day and night of the week, until whichever hour you decide to walk (or crawl) home. On that note, I have been doing a lot of crawling. The drinks are “free pour” here and much cheaper, and I keep getting scarily drunk before realizing JUST how scarily drunk I am. One night I spewed into my handbag in a taxi. The taxi driver yelled at me “ARE YOU SPEWING IN MY CAB MISS!?!” and I kind of laughed and said “No, but I wish I was”. Another night my phone was dead (NO GOOGLE MAPS) and I walked the wrong way home for a long, long time and ended up in an extremely Jewish neighborhood where none of the Hasidic men would talk to me even though I desperately needed directions. ‘Twas a laugh.

Here are some notable mentions of things I’ve been up to so far:

The Ann Hamilton exhibit at the Park Avenue Armory. Amazing.

Nitehawke Cinema in Williamsburg. They serve you cocktails and meals while you watch your movie. Words cannot describe how much this pleases me.

Five Leaves Cafe. It’s Australian and they have real bread with real grains and everything.

The Museum of Modern Art.

Seeing Grizzly Bear, The Cults, Sleigh Bells and The Antlers at a show at Terminal Five for 40 dollars. Suck on that.

Rockefeller Centre and seeing the Home Alone Christmas Tree.

Crazy drag-queen shows at dive bars.

Ending up at drinks with Aziz Ansari at a bar in Manhattan and dancing to Jay-Z with him and his friends. He is tiny and dances just like Tom Haverford does on Parks and Rec.

The Subway! I love riding it. Non-stop eccentric people sightings and awkward eye contact.

The snow. It’d been a while.

Tomorrow I have two job interviews for full-time Dog Walking jobs. This is sounding a bit like the perfect job for me at the moment despite the cold, and I’m really hoping I get it. After getting a job, I find a house! Then I should probably buy a bed, and some… other stuff. What do you need for a new room? Bleargh. Real life stuff can be so exciting and also such a drag.