So I leave in 9 days. I am not greatly prepared. I probably haven’t saved enough money, haven’t organised insurance and I’m fairly sure that my American passport only arrived in time because of magic. Also I am sorry I haven’t written in this in around a million years. I don’t know who I’m even apologising to, I’ve told about 2 people about this blog so far. Anyway, I figure that my life in Auckland is kind of boring so not much point writing while I’m still here doing the same old shit.

I’m excited though. How much money is enough to live off? Considering I am not paying for my lodgings and allowing myself 1 month of not doing anything, what will I need to be spending per week in American dollars to have a good time but not a ridiculous time? Argh
My dear friend Zack arrives 2 days after me, and we have been chatting about how we are going to be sharing a bed and a room for a whole month. We have never slept in a bed together before and we’re wondering how weird it will be (Zack is into dudes, so I don’t mean it in that way, I’m talking more about personal space). After sharing a bed with someone for nearly 3 years, I actually prefer having someone else in the bed for some strange reason, so I’m not too bothered by this. Hopefully he isn’t either.

So far I have confirmed that I will be going to see Grizzly Bear, Sleigh Bells, Cults and The Antlers on the 14th of December (for 40 dollars. What the fuck eh. I saw just Grizzly Bear in Auckland last week for 80) and then hopefully Solange Knowles on the 18th of December for 20 dollars. 20 DOLLARS! 20 dollars is worth it just to see “Losing You”.
It still hasn’t hit home for me that I’m leaving really. Feeling oddly detached. We’ll see what happens at the airport I guess.

I just image-googled “emotionless” and lots of photos of Kristen Stewart came up. Hahaha.

Until next time.